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Music Releases

WCCxmas2018WCC Music of 2018

Every Christmas Eve, we produce a CD as a gift that contains selections with the choir, children’s choir, and special music presented during worship. If you didn’t get a physical copy, here’s your chance to download a zip file with the .mp3 files themselves.

WCCxmas2017WCC Music of 2017

Here is our release from 2017.

WCCxmas2016WCC Music of 2016

Here is our release from 2016.

WCCxmas2015WCC Music of 2015

Here is our release from 2015.

WCCxmas2014WCC Music of 2014

Here is our release from 2014.

frenztapecoverFrenz – Red Light, Green Light

A band that Pastor Ed and Jami were in during the 80’s. Ed wrote the music, and both of them played instruments and sang. A blast from the past!