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Pastor Ed Backell is a Washington state native, and has taught for over 30 years in churches in Oregon, Nebraska and Washington. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada with various musical groups.

As a youth minister, he specialized in creating teen performance groups that helped students use their gifts and talents to explore and share their own faith. He holds an M. Div. from Bethel Seminary in St Paul, MN, as well as an M. A. in Ministry.

He was called to Warden Community Church in May, 2010. He is married to Jami (originally from Ephrata, WA), his bride of 33 years, and they have three daughters, and three sons-in-law. Pictured above is Nik and Rachel; Jandica (whose husband isn’t in this picture),  and Elizabeth and Joshua. Ed is a creative person, avid musician, published author, voracious reader, computer geek, and a pretty darn good ethnic cook!
Warden Community Church truly is congregational; the church is led by the people, and the people together make the decisions that affect our lives together as God’s people. The “governing” body of our church is called the Cabinet, and it’s made of representatives from the various groups which oversee different areas of activity.The group of people who direct the spiritual needs of the church is called the Diaconate. The Trustees direct the financial needs of our congregation. The Christian Education board organize Sunday school materials, teachers, Praise sing time, religious education programs and Fun and Fellowship events.
As you can see, it takes a lot of committed people to make a faith family work… and we always have an open seat or two for those who would like to get involved.

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Kid Connection

Kid Connection is our children’s program at Warden Community Church! Every Sunday morning at 9:30, Kid Connection begins with kid-friendly worship time and a Bible story presentation for the whole group. Then kids gather in small groups (Preschool-1st grade; 2nd-5th grade) to dive deeper into the lesson in ways that engage their minds and hearts.

At Kid Connection, your children will find:

  • Friends ~ Kids want to belong—we think church is a pretty important place to know you’re always welcome! Each lesson provides time for kids and leaders to build relationships in a loving, accepting and safe small group.
  • Faith ~ Our time together will help us grow faith as kids (and leaders) take one step closer to God each week.
  • Family ~ Kids should LOVE to come to church! Kid Connection inserts fun without distorting the message to create a learning atmosphere kids can’t resist!

Our dream for Kid Connection:
To nurture and encourage each child to know, love, and serve God.
To nurture the faith of children and leaders within a caring community.
To teach children the story of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.
To help children understand truth in the Bible.
To challenge children and leaders to live their faith.
To equip children to share their faith and serve others in the community.
To partner with families in their children’s growth in faith.
To encourage children to make the church’s teachings their own.
To help children value the rich diversity of people in God’s kingdom.


staticlogoChallenging our teens is important to our congregation. We place a lot of emphasis in helping our young people work through and grapple with their own faith journey. During the school year on Sunday mornings at 9:30, we have two classes for teenagers: Junior High (6th-8th grade), and Senior High (9th-12th grade). Each class is designed to provide a safe place where our students can ask questions of their faith… or about their faith… or to learn to make sense of life, the universe, and everything in light of their faith!

Some of the activities we’ve had are Mission Mondays (during the summer, we do service projects in our community, and then hang out after), a mystery menu dinner, planning and running a Harvest Party, attending concerts with other youth groups, and we’ve hosted movie nights on the back yard of the church.

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